Cell Therapy Limited (CTL) was founded in 2009 by Nobel Laureate, Professor Martin Evans and Ajan Reginald, ex-Global Head of Emerging Technologies, Roche.

CTL’s mission is to develop Regenerative Medicines for Life – to discover and develop Regenerative Medicines to treat Life threatening and Life altering diseases.

CTL’s team includes world-class scientists (Nobel laureate, President of American Society) and clinicians (Clinical Professors of Heart surgery, Cell Therapy from top universities Oxford, Toronto and Peking) led by experienced management (ex-Roche) and an active Board and Scientific advisory committee of world experts. Lord Digby Jones, former Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) joined CTL in 2014 to bring his unique breadth of experience to assist CTL in preparation for an IPO in 2015.

We apply our extensive regenerative medicine patent portfolio and expertise to areas of high unmet clinical need. Through our integrated infrastructure and global network of collaborations we complete clinical trials in a fraction of normal time.

The Promise of Regenerative Medicine:

Ageing and increasingly disease burdened populations require novel therapies to maintain both quality and quantity of life. The great advances of the last century have given us drugs which can treat many conditions and their symptoms, but fall short of the repair and restoration of function. For example, knee osteoarthritis (affecting 37% of over 60s), is most often due to wearing down of joint surfaces. Conventional therapies focus on pain relief, minimally invasive surgery and finally knee replacement (a market of ~US$ 7 billion in 2010). Regenerative medicine aims to re-grow the knee cartilage through Stem cells, restoring function without artificial implants. Similarly we can aid cardiac regeneration in Heart failure which affects ~30 million patients. Our regenerative medicines use adult Stem cells (a naturally occurring, unique class of biological cells that can grow and differentiate into diverse tissue types e.g., skin, muscle, nerve), stem cell derivatives and growth factors.