Heart failure affects 20 million people worldwide, developing after a heart attack or when the arteries to the heart are constricted and resulting in scarring of the heart muscle. When not treated scarring increases and the heart further deteriorates, often resulting in death within 10 years. The primary treatment for heart failure is surgery to bypass or open (stent) blocked arteries to improve blood supply to (re-vascularize) the heart. Worldwide, each year, over a million patients have bypass or stent operations.

heart cell

HeartCel™, CTL’s lead product, is a new type of stem cell therapy that offers improved outcomes for heart failure patients by reducing the size of heart scar, improving heart function, quality of life and ultimately reducing mortality.

HeartCel™ has successful completed human Phase II clinical trials in end-stage heart failure patients in October 2014 led by Stephen Westaby, Professor of Heart Surgery at Oxford.

Heartcel™ is an allogeneic “off the shelf” therapy that will be marketed as a biotherapeutic ready for injection by the cardiac surgeon.